Hello.   You are viewing my original and first blog, Crossing Cultures.  It started as a blog about my life while I was living in China, and about our family’s travels in Southeast Asia.   It was originally on Windows Live Spaces.  It got migrated here after Windows Live discontinued its blogging service.  I lost a lot of photos in the migration.

My family lived in Guangzhou, China, from 2004 though 2008.  I found it took more time to get re-acclimated to life back in the USA than it did to living in China!  More importantly, my perspective on life and culture experienced a huge paradigm shift as the result of becoming more of a world citizen, though still firmly rooted in my home culture of the Deep South of the USA.  I still have plenty to write about my life in China and the perspective that brought to my thoughts, but not so much time anymore.  I hope to write more as time is available.

My second blog, Peaceworks, was started after we returned home from China.  China was a phenomenal experience, but it was time for a new chapter and a new focus for a blog.  As I considered the blog entries I had created while I lived in China, I realized they were mostly focused on my real passion in life, which is the nurturance of life, the values of life, which ultimately becomes synonymous with peace and with justice.  Hence, a blog about peace and peacebuilding.  What is peace?  What are things we can do to build a sustainable peace?  How is peace linked with justice?  These are the types of things addressed in my newer blog.

I tweet on subjects related to peacemaking and christianity, @xanskinner  and related to mediation and justice, @justmediation

By profession, I am an attorney and mediator living in the state of South Carolina, in the USA.  My law practice is unique, in that it is focused for the most part on trying to assist people who need legal solutions for issues that are causing conflict or stress, and who are seeking peace in these legal matters.  At this time, my practice is limited to elder law (estate planning, care planning, and protection of vulnerable adults) and probate court matters.  What better way and time to help people as a lawyer, than to assist at a time of life when things could be less than peaceful?  I also practice some family law, mostly in the area of non-adversarial approaches to challenging family issues such as divorce, through alternative approaches such as collaborative divorce and mediated divorce.  Some people think that one must be highly adversarial to “win” their legal case.  My philosophy is that a person “wins” their case when they get what they need, with as little drama as possible.    My professional web site is at www.JustMediationLLC.com


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