The Internet and My Blog

24 January 2010

Wow, I think January 31st marks the fourth year of my writing in this blog!  It’s amazing how I have changed, and also how my writing has changed. Now I have three other blogs that I am responsible for, as well.  Now that I am no longer living in China, I only write in this blog when I am writing about things pertaining to China or that I think will be of interest to my Chinese friends.  And recipes.  😀 

For a link to my very first blog entry ever, click HERE.  In those days, I could not yet put the pictures inside the copy of the blog, I could only attach them all at the end.  I think it’s much better when I include the photos inside the story. 

Well, the hot news these days is all about Google. 

I wonder about the sanity last week of Google’s throwing down the gauntlet.  I think it was a very American thing to do, and not necessarily the right thing to do. Given the cultural requirement of saving face, Google has virtually ensured the ending of its courtship with China. 

The de facto escalation of conflict by figuratively speaking throwing water in the face of powerful leaders can lead to nothing but rebuke, face saving bluster, and corresponding "I win/you lose" posturing.  Surely Google knew this.  Or were the Americans so ethnocentric in their self righteousness that they failed to consult their Chinese brothers?

Too bad.  I believe that complete withdrawal will cause significant hardship for ordinary citizens who rely on Google as an information source.  Google’s search results are so much more comprehensive since its crawlers go all over the world.  Better than other sources of information even if imperfect. 

But sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. 

For another interesting and more culturally sensitive treatment, check out this great film, Fighting the War of Internet Addiction (Wang Yin Zhan Zheng, 网瘾战争). 

Here’s link to Tudou (no subtitles):

The YouTube version, which has English language subtitles, is here: 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

 Part 4

 Part 5

Part 6 

Part 7



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3 responses to “The Internet and My Blog

  1. chinvie

    Google really is a so good corporation! I hope there will be a good result of negotiations between the google and China GOV. So hate the G/F\\W and filtering search results of the engine…

  2. Alex

    Thank you for your comment, I agree with you!

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