Links to Guzheng and Erhu Music

29 January 2009

I am changing the video links on my main page, so I’ll preserve my guzheng and erhu links in this blog entry. 

1.  I really love this clip of guzheng music, which is called "Autumn Waterfowl Playing in Cold Lake"

2.  I also enjoy this animation of a variation on (I can’t properly translate) Cherry Blossom Dream.  In this particular variation, it’s called Drunken Cherry Blossom Dream.  You’ll see why: 

3.  The erhu is a phenomenal instrument.  The name literally means "two strings," and that’s exactly what it is.  Two strings played with a bow running in between them and no frets.  The range of expression and emotion is astonishing.  I find the instrument extremely difficult to play, both because of bowing technique and also fingering. 


4.  Drumming is just too cool!  It is an integral part of lion dances and folk life.  This demonstration is in Chinatown in New York, but I think it’s nice: 



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2 responses to “Links to Guzheng and Erhu Music

  1. 媛o-o

    i like guzheng very much.i have played guzheng for three years. i think that\’s very beautiful. and zhantaifeng,jiangjunling &jinlinhuaigu are all very beautiful.

  2. NightRuSh relle

    wow!!!!!!!!!!! I also like playing guzheng!My favorite songs are yi zu wu qu and lin chong ye ben

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