Three Years of Blogging!

I just realized it has been three years since I started my blog!  To date, it has had about 19,000 cumulative hits.  Since I am no longer living in China, I am at a crossroads.  I have plenty to talk about concerning my life in China, my reflections on that, and even lately I’ve been thinking about how my experience changed me as a person.  I also have about 30,000 pictures, a fraction of which are actually decent.  Or, I could shift my focus on my blog to what I’m currentl doing in life.  Or, I could try to draw a balance.  I think I’ll just keep trying to balance for awhile.  If my focus changes entirely, I think it will be time to shift to a new blog.  In the meantime, I think I’m still mentally engaged in my China experience and things Chinese that I have plenty to write about for quite awhile.  Indeed, I find myself being shocked at some things back in the USA, and I think my Chinese friends would find certain aspects of my culture here as amazing or exotic as I found their culture when I first went to China. 

So ….  I’ll keep on blogging, for now at least. 

Here is my very first entry, from January 2006.  By the time I wrote this, we had been in China about 18 months so I had my feet on the ground just a bit.  I still love Hong Kong, and I still have the photo album on my blog.  I even add to it from time to time. 



Talking about Quiet Day

   2006 01 28
Pretty much just a chillin’ out day.  It was sunny with dappled clouds in the sky, pretty sunset.  Cold for here, high maybe around 20 C / 65 F?  Dunno.  We were more comfortable running the heaters in the rooms we were in.  Tomorrow going to Hong Kong.  The picture for this entry is David and me on the train to Hong Kong.  It’s a pleasant two hour train ride from here.  Plus you add an hour for getting to the train station and going through immigration and customs. 
Hong Kong is such a beautiful city that I have a whole photo album devoted to it. 

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  1. Molly

    Hehehe . . wow, that was your first blog? It\’s so short! I, for one, am heartily glad that your blogs are longer now. I often refer people to your site to find a balanced, well-reasoned look at what it\’s like to be here. Had a couch surfer here this weekend from Australia who, after spending 3 weeks in Tibet over a year ago, is now prepared to argue the Richard Gere point of view on that area and was adamant about why China needs universal sufferage and democracy. I\’m referring him to your blogs, since I couldn\’t make a dent in his judgmental attitude . . hoping your reasonable discussions will at least get him to think a little, instead of blindly believe all he\’s been told. Funny how the people who are most incensed about government control and censorship never question how much their own sources of information are manipulated. Please, keep on writing, and I will be getting back to mine again soon.

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