23 January 2009

In a few days we will celebrate Chinese New Year, the start of the new year in the traditional Chinese calendar!  We are leaving the year of the Rat and moving into the year of the Ox.  The big date this year is January 26, 2009. 

Across China right now, millions and millions and millions of people are traveling to their "lao jia" or "old home" for family reunions.  The national holiday is one week, but people traditionally spend as much as a month at their home for family gatherings.  Chinese children have a month off from school now, too. 

Here is a photo of the children I taught last year celebrating the Dragon Dance in their classroom.  The Dragon comes around and eats lettuce, then he spits it out across the room.  Wherever the lettuce lands, brings good luck to the place.  We did not use lettuce, but the real dragon (in the photo above) did!  He went to every large room and floor in the 22 floor hotel and spit lettuce on each floor! 

Here is a link to a popular children’s song that is heard all around China at this time of year.  Join in and enjoy!  The words in Pinyin and translated are: 

Mei tiao da jie xiao xiang

Meige ren de zui li,

Jian mian di yi ju hua,

Jiu shi gong xi gong xi

gong xi, gong xi, gong xi ni-a

gong xi, gong xi, gong xi ni

On a big or little street

Kindly people warmly greet

On their lips are words of cheer

For a joyful new year

All sincere congratulations,

Happy new year yes to you!




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2 responses to “HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

  1. Chen

    Happy Chinese New Year~~!!niu nian da ji (牛年大吉)

  2. Molly

    hehehe . . I\’ve finally (finally!!!) started taking Putonghua lessons with a private tutor and this is the first song she had me learn! I\’ve been having fun singing it with people, they always get so thrilled when you learn traditional things in Chinese. Also had a dragon come up to me at the Clifford bus stop and start dancing in front of me . . luckily he didn\’t spit any lettuce on me! I feel very blessed however . . the Ox will be a good year!

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