Trivia Question

10 September 2008

(Too bad it’s not trivial.) 

My question:  To what country in the world does the following quote refer? 

"For a second day, one of the lawyers for the defendants was barred from entering the court. He had been vocal in demanding that the trial be conducted according to the law, which allows members of the media and public to attend the trial. Only state media have been allowed to attend. International observers are also banned.

“The trial is a farce,” said [x person], Political Prisoners Campaigner at [an organization], and daughter of [one of the persons on trial]. ‘They have committed no crimes, but the regime is scared of them and wants to keep them locked up forever. Why is the United Nations silent even though the Security Council called for the release of political prisoners?

The number of political prisoners in [the nation] has almost doubled in the past year, totalling 2,056." 

Okay, here’s the first big hint about where the country is located, if you haven’t guessed it yet.  There is speculation that Nobel laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is on hunger strike in the home where she has been confined for many years.  I would not be surprised if she were, indeed, on hunger strike, doing the small part she can muster to protest these sham proceedings.  For the persons on trial are members of the political party that elected her to office, resulting in her being placed in house arrest and virtual solitary confinement for 13 of the past 19 years. 

As the short sighted attention of the world is turned elsewhere, let’s continue to do what we can to keep the light shining on this spot in the world. 

Got the answer yet? 

The country is Myanmar, also known as Burma

Let your own leaders know that you haven’t forgotten

My own conviction that people of conscience must not forget Burma is bolstered by my own experience of another kind.  We can make a difference, if only by lending our solidarity and support, but even more our voice and our deeds. 

In another place, at a different time, a person found out that I was concerned about things happening there and that I CARED.  This person exclaimed, "Thank God for you!  I just knew that all these years God didn’t forget about us here in [x place]!"  It is through our caring that we let the oppressed know that they matter, that they are not forgotten. 


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