Not a Single Channel

I was pretty disappointed to turn on the Olympics this morning at the time when the Opening Ceremony started, only to find that not one single station was carrying them live.  We had to wait eleven hours, until Prime Time 7:30 PM EST.  When they did come on, they were interspersed with commercials but the footage wasn’t paused.  We got to miss segments during the many advertisements, just as if the commercials had interrupted a live broadcast.  Even with this, the show was spectacular.  It made me wish I had been there, almost! 



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3 responses to “Not a Single Channel

  1. josef

    If you missed the opening ceremony, I will be your correspondant from Guangzhou this time. Generally speaking, the ceremony contains almost all the important elements from Chinese history and culture, which aimed directly at satisfying the curiosity of foreigners.  I am surprised that the opinions from the chinese netizens and western media are so split. From the side of Chinese spectators, they find it boring and too ordinary, because what contained in the show are seen in everyday life. Maybe their previous expectations were just too high.
    On the contrary, western media (excluding political elements) still praise it as a very spectacular performance, which includes elements from both ancient and modern aspects of China. I understand to somehow the curiosity from the foreingers about the culture, history and tradition of China. To this extent, the experienced Director Zhang Yimou might be successful. But personally, I think the colours, the costumes and the music are not very impressive if we watch the ceremony through television.

  2. привет

    Just to add my penny of thought, the parade in the ceremony chose to present some selected parts of Chinese history. It is normal that western media found it spectacular and Chinese themselves disappointed. The director of the parade has built his entire career out of presenting certain selected parts of Chinese history in a garish way to fool all the \’foreigners\’. Westerners swooned over his films as they seemed so exotic, people in the Far East are not at all impressed.

  3. Well, I understand your feelings…
    Wish you well!

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