The Power of Wind

The highlight of my day today was to dig an electric blower out of the filthy, dusty crawl space and use it to blow away all the dirt and spiders that had accumulated on the porch of our little cabin during our absence of 10 months. 

I started the job, sweeping with a broom;  but even after the porch had been swept twice, there still seemed to be a layer of dirt that just wasn’t brushing away. 

When I arrived at our little cabin last Thursday, the repairman who had been doing some repairs had not yet completed the work.  The house and its surroundings looked like a construction site, filled with power tools, construction materials, several inches of sawdust, paint cans, screen, and incomplete projects.  The repairman had been sleeping here, and we had two choices.  Send him home and live with the house the way it was, or have him stay and finish up the projects that had been started but which weren’t complete.  The latter choice seemed obvious.  So he stayed downstairs while we stayed upstairs. 

Three days later, when he left, there was still sawdust everywhere.  And stuff.  And the house has a lot of old stuff in it that was left by the previous owners. The sawdust had gotten into everything.  All that stuff and bric a brac.  And on top of the dust, the house had general dirt on the outside which had accumulated over ten months of absence.  And spiders.  They love this place.  Little ones in the eves, crawling down the walls.  Fortunately, my mom and sister had already sprayed and vacuumed once, but we’re in the woods and we get the forest critters:  deer, bears, raccoons, oppossoms, rabbits, snakes, and lots of creepy crawly bugs that would love to be invited indoors.  Living in a wildlife sanctuary has its advantages, and disadvantages!  We love it. 

But, so much can go wrong when one is returning after a long absence. 
Things are so chaotic and in disarray . . . and the house is dirty.  And in the business world, there are always glitches.  Minor details related to buying our car, renewing our P.O. Box, renewing services like phone and propane gas.  Wondering how long it would be before we could unpack our suitcases. 

So much to do!  

Did I remember to buy shelf paper to line the dresser drawers?  Oops, all these light bulbs seem to be burned out.  Wow, I forgot to buy more milk.  Oops, the flashlight doesn’t have a battery.  Gee, these towels look really dingy.  In fact, everything looks dingy and dirty.  Hmm.  Did this laundry on the clothes dryer sit out all year?  Does it need to be rewashed?  Wow, the vacuum cleaner wasn’t assembled properly and all the internal filters have to be replaced … and they’re only available from a store 20 miles away.  Hmm …  I didn’t plan for those few errands to take four hours.  Do I have time to get much of anything done today at all? 

Enter the POWER BLOWER.   Suddenly, armed with the POWER BLOWER, I was in control of my life again.  When I say, "move," things really MOVE.  If they don’t, all I have to do is point my power blower at them, and the wind takes care of it all for me.  Here is one thing that, finally, produces results that are tangible, visible, fast . . . !  What a nice contrast to the rest of my life that is so . . . complicated. 

I’m still living out of a suitcase, Munchkin is still sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor, and my bedroom is full of sawdust, still can’t drive the car, can’t move into the house we’ve rented, can’t cook because there’s no propane yet  . . . but by golly the front porch of our little cabin has now been de-dusted, de-spidered, there are lanterns out front, and there are rocking chairs!  This evening, we ate supper by light of the lanterns in the peaceful atmosphere of our little spot here on the mountain.  Tomorrow, the humming bird feeders will be filled and put out for our little friends. 

Live is improving! 



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5 responses to “The Power of Wind

  1. Hi, Xan!
    I miss you so much! Visit my space if you have the time.
    Look forward to chatting with you on-line!
    With regards,

  2. Dave

    You forgot to mention the leak in the roof, the poor quality of the repair work, and living apart from your husband for the past week!  I can\’t wait to get back up to the mountains.  Love D

  3. Yoyo

    Life is alway not easy.
    Cheerio ahh, Xan!
    Hopefully, you and your family will lead a comfortable life very soon!
    PS: The house looks great, it is big, in forest, birds singing…life will sing with little birds.
    All the best,

  4. Molly

    Mmmm, I\’ve stayed in cabins in the woods before, even really nice ones like yours that are actually meant to be live in, and the kind that are just for camping out for a while. And while I know what level of dirt you\’re talking about, still and all, you can scrub and bleach and blow that away. I\’m not sure I\’ll ever feel I can get a place truly clean here. I\’m beginning to despair of ever getting my kitchen in this apartment degreased. Since my countertop with the cooking burners on it comes to mid-thigh on me, I have to lean forward and stoop a little to cook. And then of course I whomp my head into the exhaust hood, which is at roughly mouth level. I\’d bumped my head yet again last week and forgot about it, until later in the evening, getting ready to go out, I tried to comb my hair and encountered this patch of glarp in my hair . . 15 year old grease from the exhaust. It literally runs down the windows and when I use the stove it heats and drips from the cooking unit onto the counter and runs onto the floor. But maybe it\’s just a case of better the dirt you grew up with than the grease you don\’t know. Since we didn\’t stir fry, there was never this amount of built-up oils on the walls in my youth (like my mom would have allowed that anyway!) and having gone camping since I was 7 I\’ve been used to the outdoors trying to get in my whole life. At least it\’s still summer and you can enjoy those wonderful nights outdoors on the porch! I envy you right now.

  5. Bobby

    I wouldn\’t mind a power blower again. Even a lawn mower would do the trick for me! The smell of fresh cut grass.

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