First Impression

Did I say my first impression upon getting off the airplane and through immigration in Detroit?  Clear Sky!  Big Sky!  We are still marveling at it. 


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2 responses to “First Impression

  1. привет

    Oh, I remember the big sky in the States. It just feels like the sky is higher, the world is bigger, and you can achieve anything you want to do. Is it part of the reasons for the American can-do spirit?

  2. Molly

    Considering what pollution can be like in big cities in the U.S., it really says something about China when the sky in Detroit evokes that feeling! But you\’re right . . probably half of the photos I took when I was home last summer I was trying to make sure I got that big blue sky into the shot. How about stars? Done any Milky Way gazing yet?

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