Packing List Update

Wow.  Moving is an experience!  My hindsight for the day is to echo doubly, get everything out of the house that you don’t want packed

I’ve heard of passports being packed, and guess what?  It almost happened to us.  Yes!  It really almost did!  Also, a suitcase was packed and ready to go out to the hotel, and David caught it just in time to stop it from being dropped into a freight box! 

The worst part is that we didn’t get everything out of the house already that was give-away or trash.  We’d promised some things to people who planned to pick them up after the movers came.  I think their idea was that we’d take what we wanted and they’d see what was left to pick through.  Well, guess what?  Some of that got packed and we had to unpack and repack to get out what we didn’t want and send what we did want.  I’m afraid there was more than one item that got shipped simply because it wasn’t in the right place. 

And then there’s the issue of labeling.  I couldn’t be twelve places at one time.  The boxes are just labeled "books" rather than "music books" or "philosophy books" or "business books" as I would have preferred.  Similarly, the boxes from one bedroom that had things like art supplies and sleeping bags is now just labeled "bedroom".  I’m afraid that unpacking will be a nightmare. 

Fortunately, no neighbors chose today as the day to unload years worth of emotional baggage on me, as happened last time I moved.  On my last moving day, things proceeded well until mid afternoon.  At that point, my neighbor appeared and proceed to yell at me about hundreds of grievances she had accumulated over fifteen years of living in the same house.  The breaking point, for her, was that some of my "stuff" was over her property line and she felt it was unsightly.  (It was unsightly, but it was temporary and we were moving.)  Until that time, I thought we had been good neighbors and friendly.  It was already such a stressful day that I cried on and off the rest of the afternoon.  Then, the first moving crew thought things were going too slowly, so they called in a second crew.  The second crew didn’t know what was to go where (storage or to China), but also they really did pack away my things that were laid out to go to China in my overnight bag!  (My camera, pillow, and Chinese language notebooks have been in long term storage for three years now.) 

Well, I figure if one survives moving day, that’s pretty good.  We survived.  I’m going to find someplace to go for supper now. 


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