Perapera-kun Translation Tool

Perapera-kun Translation Tool


My friend Keith just told me about the Perapera-kun Chinese Translation tool, which is a free add on for the Firefox web browser.  I’m sold on it!  I’m finding it to be a fantastic resource for learning Chinese because of the way it translates individual characters into Pin yin and English.  The reason it works so well is because it’s so easy to use.  It’s so simple!  When you hover your mouse over a Chinese character, a small window pops up.  In the window, you see the character, the pinyin, and the English translation of that character. 


Guess what?  One of my Chinese friends was at my house today.  She thinks it’s a great resource to help Chinese native speakers learn English!  This is because she can click on a character, and the English word pops up along with the Pinyin.   


This download is only available to users of Firefox.  If you don’t already have Firefox, you can download the Firefox web browser from here:


Once you download and install Firefox, then you can add the translator program, available for free from here:


To turn on the translator, you right mouse click and then go to the bottom of the pull down list where it says “toggle Chinese Pera-Kun”. 


Have fun!   


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