More Pollution

I realize this is such a redunant theme.  In every other entry I seem to talk about pollution!  But the reason I talk about it to such excess is that it literally clouds so much of our experience of China.  It is very much a part of our daily lives.  Day in, day out and it gets really wearing.  Munchkin and I have both developed allergies and asthma in response to the pollution.  When I look around me, I imagine my situation multiplied by millions of people, literally, and wonder about the huge public health consequences that will be impacting this society as a result of it. 
I have been trying really hard to excercise every day, but last week the pollution got so bad I decided that I just couldn’t go outside in it, particularly not for anything aerobic.  We’ve been staying inside and encouraging Munchkin to play indoors, as well.  Today there was a wecome, drizzly rain which seems to have washed much of the pollution out of the air — into the watershed of course — but it didn’t come soon enough.  Munchkin and I have been using inhalers for the last week, taking antihistamines or decongestants and expectorant medications for congestion.  But she developed severe congestion and a tight, rattly cough.  I took her to the doctor.  The diagnosis: an allergy induced sinus infection.  She’s on antibiotics, we’re both on inhalers etc, with instructions to take daily peak flow meter readings.  So, the saga continues . . .

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