From the Mouth of Babes

We had dinner on Friday night at Danny’s.  Http://
Danny is an American of Italian descent.  He runs a great little — you guessed it — Italian American restaurant.  And he makes great bagels, too.  A little bit of America for Americans lost in Guangzhou!  He was one of the first people we met upon arriving in this city.  We met him at our kids’ school, where he used to cater the lunches before he lost the contract to a bigger company.  When he learned of S’s food allergies, he always made sure that she would have food that met her very specific requirements.  He also runs a takeout business, and we could always count on him to prepare S some food that she could eat.  A native New Yorker, Danny also breaks the stereotype in that he is one of the friendliest and most personable people one could meet. 
We were so pleasantly surprised when we arrived at his restaurant to see that his business is doing great, and also to see that he now makes a Bloomin’ Onion as an appetizer!  Eureka!  We know it’s sinful, but we just had to try it; and it was truly great!  In the meantime, we also ordered a Greek salad — made with the rarity here of real Feta cheese — and a pizza which turned out to be really hot and wonderfully homemade. 
While we were waiting for all this freshly prepared food, Danny himself walked by.  We beckoned him over, and he joined us for a bit of conversation.  After he left, Munchkin talked about how much she liked him and how she wished he still catered the lunches at her school, because she misses them.  I replied to her that, yep, Danny was one of my favorite people in Guangzhou. 
Munchkin then assured me that I was only allowed to have one boyfriend, though, because I was married to Daddy.  "That’s right," I replied, "Danny is just a friend.  Daddy is my only boyfriend."  
"Yes," she said.  "When you’re married, you can only have one boyfriend." 
David and I are smiling at each other, proudly (of course) thinking, "she got it right." 
Then, she adds, "If you have two boyfriends, you have to keep it a secret." 

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