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After Stumbling, Mattel Cracks Down in China
Published: August 29, 2007
Mattel appears to have become overconfident about its ability to operate in China without major problems.



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  1. Molly

    We\’re now starting to get the television news reports here from Beijing . . . saying these recalls are all the U.S.\’s fault for changing our guidelines in May about the toys with magnets. And of course there were all these toys already made and/or shipped and we didn\’t tell anyone, so it\’s our fault. Uh-huh. They conveniently don\’t talk about the lead in the paint. Because of course, I doubt we changed our standards on that anytime recently. And some of the news reports from HK are all about how poor little toy businesses are going to be driven out of business because the manufacturers on the mainland will have to increase their prices now to cover the increased costs of meeting the standards.
    I suspect this will end up like being in an accident when you\’re in a taxi. Ultimately, it\’s going to be the fault of the rich, foreigner riding in the taxi, because if the foreigner hadn\’t hired the taxi to go to wherever, the taxi wouldn\’t have been in that location at that moment and wouldn\’t have been in the accident.l If we didn\’t want cheap, affordable toys for our children, they wouldn\’t make them and our kids couldn\’t be hurt by their using below standard materials. Or something like that. It\’s a land of pass the buck, and no accountability, and it won\’t stop until somehow we\’re the ones who are at fault.

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