Major Typo

I re-read one of my blog entries last night and realized there was a major typo.  Back in June, I listed visiting friends and loved ones as one of the things I don’t enjoy about being in the USA.  I hope everyone realized this was a typo.  It should have been listed as one of the things I most enjoy about being in the USA!  Anyway, just wanted to set the record straight.  To the contrary, having so little time to do so much, including only having short, abbreviated visits with family and friends, is one of the horrific things about living overseas. 
In fact, the difficulty of living without my American friends and family during most of the year makes me wonder with amazement at the people who went before me: both immigrants who left all they had to come to the new world, knowing that they would never see their family and friends again, and people who went to China when it was a six week boat ride and there was no internet.  I think my internet access is what keeps me sane.  Six weeks is far too little time to spend in one’s home culture per year.  The two weeks allotted to my spouse is even worse. 
I’m currently on a brief extension of summer visit.  I was supposed to go back on August 11th, but spouse is traveling to USA on business in a few weeks so I’ll wait here and return together. 

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