Clean Air

  I’m still just awestruck by the clean air here.   I look up at the blue sky, or see the beautiful sunset, and just say "wow"! 
It’s been so long since I’ve regularly seen these things that I simply can’t take them for granted.  The other night, we even saw stars.  Imagine that!  Not only that, but we saw tiny flickers in the sky and realized it was a meteor shower.  Wow!  It’s been so long since I’ve seen them that it’s worth writing home about!    
Oh, and gee, guess what else we saw today, in the bright, blue sky?!!  A huge, triple .  Yep, not just one or two, but three.  There was a light rain at about 5, and then the sun came back out at about 6 PM.  One  was really intense, one  was less visible, and the other  was faint, but between the three of them they used up half the sky!  Simply amazing. 
One could simply say, "O Beautiful, for Spacious Skies."

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