Sorting papers is the bane of my existence, but it’s a necessary evil.  Since I’m trying to get my house straight, I spent some time today sorting and filing papers.  As part of that process, I stopped to read some amendments to my homeowner’s insurance policy that recently came in the mail. 
In case you were wondering, my homeowners insurance will pay up to $500 for tree removal only if two conditions are met:  (1) only if the tree is felled by a "covered event," AND (2) only if the tree is blocking exit by a vehicle or is blocking access to my home by a handicapped person.  In other words, slim chance.  On the other hand, I am fully covered for all costs of removal of dust or silt of any kind which might result from a volcano. 
And oh, by the way, the State of North Carolina requires us to inform you that you do not have any flood insurance whatsoever.  The only way to get flood insurance is to purchase a separate policy. 

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