Best and Worst

What I’m enjoying most:  beef, seeing family and friends, American food, smoked southern barbeque with all the fixin’s, clean air, ice cream, salads with cranberries and pecans and dill and rasberry vinaigrette dressing, grilled turkey burgers, being ordinary, reading an ordinary newspaper, being able to understand conversations, grilled steak, having lots of books and DVDs to choose from in a store, speaking Chinese  in Wal Mart.   (That last one is a joke, if you didn’t catch it.) 
What I’m enjoying least:  Being away from my family and friends in China, having a year’s worth of doctor and dental visits, visits with loved ones here, house maintenance, car maintenance, etc. all stuffed into six weeks of time.  Missing David, missing Sarah.  Oh, and did I mention the minor detail of having to worry about getting fat! 
Surprises:  that I miss speaking Chinese, how very sympathetic I’ve become when I see people struggling to cope with language and cultural barriers here in this country, how friendly and helpful most Americans are but how nasty some can be. 

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