Danwei TV

I’m posting this blog entry as an advertisement for Danwei TV — and particularly the Sexy Beijing series — which I really enjoy.  I classified it under "entertainment" because it is media, but the media link could easily have been posted under cross cultural issues or daily life, because it illuminates issues related to both.  (I also use the vignettes to practice my Chinese listening and speaking skill.) 
Danwei TV’s "Sexy Beijing" series is a light hearted examination of life in China, made humorous by the juxtaposition and resulting contrast that comes from a very American viewpoint and journalistic style.   There are several episodes in this series, but my favorites are "Lost in Translation," linked below, and then "Finding Love," and "Finding Love in the Country."  All of these, and more, can be accessed from the danwei site:  http://www.danwei.tv/ 
But for starters, I recommend "Lost in Translation."  If you like it, you can use the above link to find more videos. 
Here are links to two web sites where this five minute video can be viewed: 
For North American users and speakers of English, I recommend the You Tube site:
For Asian users and speakers of Chinese, I recommend the Toudou site: 
For what it’s worth, I’ve shown the video to some of my Chinese friends.  They all thought it was hilarious, and none of them were offended. 

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