Cross Cultural Jokes

"What is your quest?"  I mostly love British humor, but sometimes it’s a stretch for me.  Humor is very culturally based.  It requires deep knowledge of stereotypes that are not widely discussed.  My quest is to find jokes that cross cultures.  Here’s a joke that one of my friends told me her Korean friends think is hilarious.  I have a suspicion that her Japanese friends wouldn’t find it exactly hilarious, but here goes:
Three Chinese guys and three Japanese are traveling by train to the same city.  The Japanese buy three tickets, but the Chinese only buy one.  The six of them are all sitting in the same compartment, when they hear the train conductor coming around.  The Chinese guys quickly run to the restroom.   All three of them pile into the small loo and close the door. 
The Japanese guys, still sitting in their seats, give the train conductor their tickets.  Then the conductor knocks on the restroom door.  The door opens, one hand appears and gives the conductor a single ticket.  The conductor punches it, and walks on to the next car.  A few minutes later, all three Chinese guys come out of the restroom and return, smiling, to where they had been sitting before the conductor came through.  
The Japanese guys discuss among themselves, "why didn’t we think of that?" At the next stop, the Japanese guys buy just one ticket for the next leg.  But the Chinese guys don’t buy any tickets. 
This time, when they all hear the conductor approaching, the Japanese guys jump up first, beating the Chinese guys to the loo.  They all go inside and close the door. 
Shortly afterwards, as they hear the conductor approaching closer, the Chinese guys knock on the door of the loo.  One hand appears, and passes out the single ticket.  The Chinese guys take the one ticket, and go to the next car. 

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