Can You Live Without It?

Sitting on that train in Bangkok this week, with the windows open and the hard seats, I thought to myself, "This is why public transportation doesn’t take off in America.  Americans wouldn’t put up with it!"  The gas hog country of the earth continues to guzzle unabated, while the rest of the world struggles to catch up with the Joneses.  It is, indeed, very inconvenient that oil is needed for so many things that are more important than air conditioning and commuting to work.  Polymers.  We are guzzling the birthright of all the generations that follow.  Here is a recent story in the NY Times.  It’s not about oil, but the same idea:  fair use and distribution of limited global resources.
As Asia Keeps Cool, Scientists Worry About the Ozone Layer
Published: February 23, 2007
Thanks in part to an explosion of demand for air-conditioners in hot places like India and China, the ozone layer is proving very hard to repair.

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