Ko Tao, Thailand

I’m writing from Ko Tao in Thailand.  It’s really nice here.  Very laid back, not too expensive, beautiful soft sand beach, pretty clear water, coral and reef fish about 50 or 75  meters away from our lodging in water about six feet deep.  I’ll upload some pictures later, but at the moment J is using the computer that holds the photos.   

Very casual, very few Americans.  There are a good many Thai tourists, while the western tourists seem to be a mixture of Europeans, speaking many different languages.  In addition to some Brits, Ozzies, and Kiwis speaking English, we also hear languages that sound “German” or “French” or “Hebrew,” and we also hear some languages that don’t sound like anything we’ve every heard!  We are so fortunate that almost everyone speaks some English.    

D and C are taking scuba diving classes for four days, to get their PADI open water certification, while I take care of J.   After that, we will swap off and I’ll take the class too.  J is too young for scuba, but she’s a good swimmer and well on her way to learning how to snorkel. 

I bought her a nice set of snorkeling equipment this morning.  I hope we get lots of use out of it, and not just this week!  We swam out over the reef for a bit just to whet her appetite, which was very successful, but for the time being we are practicing in water that I can stand up in to teach her how to clear her snorkel and get water out of her mask.  I want those issues cleared up before I take her out in water that is too deep for me to stand up in.  She can clear air out of her snorkel when she’s all comfy, but she needs to be able to deal with situations where the water in her mask or snorkel may come as a surprise. 

The sun is very hot here, and so we are also swimming in sun screen!  At the moment, she and I are out of the sun.  Having grown up in Florida, it’s my habit to stay out of the sunshine between 11:30 and 3:30 every day.  It’s a nice time of rest, anyway.  The cicadas are so loud here in the shade, as I type from our upstairs balcony chair, that we can hardly hear each other talk.  Really nice, the perfect spot to vacation! 


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