Our Christmas Day

All the rest is anticlimactic!  On Christmas eve there was not a taxi to be found, but we rode the bus and arrived home at about 10:30 PM.  There was not much left to be done except go to bed.  Although we had been keeping two different Advent calendars, both had already been switched to their new day.  (I think the calendar with chocolates in it had actually mysteriously run out a few days earlier.)  J wanted to check Santa’s location using the NORAD satellite. (I’m not sure how or where she learned this little trick, maybe from her Dad.)  Anyway, the animation was very cute, but as a result of that we came to realize there was some urgency. 
The link is here:  Go to Norad Santa Tracking
The NORAD satellite image showed Santa was already making his way through the Himalayas and was soon to be headed south into India.  This meant, he had already been through China!  Fortunately, J didn’t know this and so we were able to smooth it over.  She wanted to hurry up and go to sleep ASAP so that Santa could come.  Perhaps he could make a double loop back through Southern China. 
We didn’t read "The Night Before Christmas," we recited it from memory.  Can you?!!  Ha, ha.  I’d like to report that we read the Christmas story, but I have to confess I was so tired that we forgot.  However, we had already done that earlier, during our Advent season. 
As soon as J was in bed, I assisted in hunting up all the various items we had stored during the Christmas season shopping.  Fortunately, D had already wrapped most of the presents.  I busied myself preparing the Christmas casserole (see recipe, earlier Blog entry).  Since C was still awake and on her computer, we sang some Christmas carols, but we gave up on getting her to bed early.  I crashed, leaving D to do all the rest. 
The next morning, I was the first one awake, at 9 AM!  I couldn’t believe it!  I had time to come downstairs, take some photos (see Blog photo album), make coffee, and get settled in before the rest of the family made their appearance.  Of course, J was the first one down the stairs.  We actually had to rustle C out of bed so that we could open presents together. 
I confess, one nice thing about being here for Christmas is that there is no travel.  Just a quiet, peaceful morning.  We open gifts, then have our breakfast casserole.  One of the special gifts from S was a new CD of Christmas music played on a harp.  It is a really nice CD.  Our Christmas candles smelled great, our house was relatively clean, our tree was nice.  The weather was perfect, so in the afternoon we got to go try out the 2 new bicycles that Santa had left.  There was not even a bicycle crash, or at least no big ones.  J had already learned how to ride by using Ines’s bike, so it was a matter of practice and gaining more control. 
And so Christmas was peaceful and anticlimactic, as has been the rest of our week.  Santa brought D some water colors which he has been using.  He could have a second career as an artist.  It has been a quiet, relaxing week, a time to regroup in preparation for the coming new year. 

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