Sorry no pictures, just an update.  Friday:  Mandatory visa trip to Hong Kong.  We turn in our passports by 8 AM to a visa agency and get them back at the end of the day with new visas in them.  Very stressful to be required for girls to miss a day of school.  Fortunately, S felt pretty well and therefore was in good humor.  She was exhausted and slept almost right up until our hotel checkout time, while C did homework the entire time.  Then we went to a grocery store and a bookstore.  We have actually found a grocery in HK that not only sells the fake vegan meats and rice cheese that S likes but also pecans, barbeque sauce, and lots of other goodies we can’t get in GZ.  This time we purchased only the most important stuff and spent only a bit over $100 US.  Just two fiction books at the bookstore plus a small book called "Markets of Guangzhou."  Then caught the last train home and arrived at about 10 PM. 
Saturday night:  Lazy day then dinner with some friends.  How this came about was that I told one of my girl friends about our New Year’s experience at the seafood restaurant.  She thought it was hilarious.  Turns out, she and her husband work in the food distribution business.  And they both speak Cantonese.  They offered to take us next time they went, which was Saturday night.  She arranged for four couples to meet at 7 PM for supper.  My friend called ahead and ordered the menu and a private room.  Sweet and sour fish, scallops in garlic, lobster in cheese sauce, crab in curry sauce, prawns in oriental sauce, and two vegetables.  It was great and the company was great, too.  In the USA when we talk "diversity," it seems that it’s really nothing but a buzz word for racial awareness and perhaps even stereotyping.   At dinner, we had real diversity.  The nationalities represented by the 8 spouses were:  Trinidad, Hong Kong, Australia, China, Malaysia, Iran, and USA.  And everyone got along great. 
At present, D is on a business trip to Shanghai, and I’m holding down the fort on the home front.  Both teens are leaving Thursday on school trips.  S is planning to go to Beijing for Model United Nations; C is planning to go to a remote village in Guangxi Province to work on a house for Habitat for Humanity.  I probably will fly up to Shanghai on Tues and meet up with D there and then go to Hangzhou.  He has meetings on Sun, Mon, and Tues, and then another meeting in Ningbo on Friday and a trade show on Saturday.  He’s trying to line up more meetings to fill in the time on Wed and Thurs, but if he is unsuccessful there will be opportunity for a short triip to Hangzhou with a vist it its famous "West Lake".  You can use google earth (  http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html ) to locate these places on the map, if you like. 

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