Alas, alak! Meiyou shou jie! (No cell phone!)

Well, Happy valentine’s day!  I had a nice morning and early afternoon — went to a GWIC morning coffee (where they gave out roses and had a chocolate fountain with creme puffs to dip), then purchased several cases of different kinds of drinks from the wholesale store, then went to the fabric market and picked out a dress design and fabric for a formal dress.  Then rode the bus to Jusco to purchase Australian beef steaks for supper.  The bus was not crowded and I didn’t feel any threat from pickpocketers since there was no jostling or anything, although buses are supposed to be the prime location for pickpocketers. 
Then, Jusco (a supermarket) was really crowded.  Everybody was trying to buy the premium goods (chocolate, steak, sashimi) for their valentine’s dinner.  I had to wait in the crowd to reach the steaks, then sidle in sideways to reach them.  While I was reaching with my left arm and focusing on the meat on my left, some sneaky person unsnapped the front flap of my pocketbook and made off with my cell phone.  Fortunately, they did not get my ATM card or my cash (although the cell phone was more valuable than any cash I had on me). 
I keep a close "feel" on my pocket book and almost always have my hand on it.  I discovered the snap was open within probably 2 mins of it happening, but there were literally hundreds of people on the floor area and it was a hopeless thought to try and figure out who might have the phone.  The vindictive side of me wishes I had the phone programmed so it would explode yellow paint all over the place, blow a loud siren, and emit noxious odors if someone unauthorized tried to turn it on.  D says we can probably go to the used phone market tomorrow and find it and buy it back.  My phone did have a lock feature, but it wasn’t activated.  Next time, it will be.  The steaks were great, along wiith baked potatoes and steamed broccoli.  D did the kitchen while I uploaded pictures.  Today I uploaded more from northern Thailand and then a separate entry for Bangkok.  Tomorrow I will try to do Ayutthaya. 
FWIW, Ayutthaya was the capital of Siam from about 1300 until it was sacked and pillaged by the Burmese in 1767.  (The Burmese broke heads off the Buddhas and took the gold off the Wats.)  After Ayyuthaya was pillaged, the capital was moved to Bangkok which was more defensible.  Ayyuthaya is a modern city with 65,000 inhabitants, but the old quadrant of the city remains in ruins, dedicated like parkland with some guards and partial restoration just to keep columns from falling over.  We visited the sites of just three of the six major Wats.  The very tall Wat in the pictures with the open door and modern handrail was built in 1325 as a tomb for a king.  Tomb raiders successfully drilled into the tomb in 1957 but were caught and SOME of the treasures were recovered.  The tomb is now open just to see, with nothing inside.  But it’s completely amazing that the structure is in such excellent condition for its age.  It was so hot, we only went to Ayyuthaya in the late afternoon, did not make it to see the museum. Even after 3:30, it was probably 100 degrees F with bright sun and low humidity, difficult to get good pictures in that kind of intense light. 
One more bit of news.  J is about to lose a first tooth.  Very excited. 

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