Saturday Afternoon with Deborah

I first made stickies with J, then Deborah arrived about 11 to go to the flower market together.  Her four year old daughter stayed to play with J under Song Ying’s supervision.  First we two mommies went to the flower market, and then we went for afternoon tea (dim sum).   The waitresses apologetically had to rush us out at 4:30, as they were preparing for a wedding.  This may have been one of the coldest winter days so far.  We needed a hot drink at the market, so a man used his rice cooker to heat two cartons of milk tea for us (3 RMB apiece).  The photo of the waitress at the restaurant is my "special friend" at that restaurant.  Waitresses at this restaurant are not assigned to particular tables, but this waitress is always very friendly and keeps a special eye out for me.   She always talks to me, a mile a minute, even though I can never understand a word she says!  I thought she was speaking Cantonese, but she spoke easily with Deborah (who is very competent in Mandarin).  So I guess it’s me. 

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