A most peculiar shop

Today was an opportunity to go walking during spring festival, while Sophie was off from work. 
Let’s see.  First there’s a picture of a shop selling only items that you would sew on clothing to decorate it, such as sequins, ribbon, etc. 
Every shop is owned by an individual with unique merchandise.  Stores with similar merchandise tend to cluster together.  Thus, we go to the "Fabric Market" at Haiyin when we want to purchase fabric or find a tailor to sew a suit.  The sewing notion street is very close to where this shop was located.  Speaking of parallel universe . . . here is "life without Wal Mart."  
But one shop I saw near the Yi De Lu stationary market consisted of all paper products.  The first one that caught my eye was a cardboard doll house made of simulated brick.  My first thought was, a doll house. 
But then, hanging from the ceiling, I noticed paper cars and fans.  
These are not for toys, they are for temple offerings.  The devout take these to the temple or monastary where they are placed in incenerators or fireplaces and burned.  I’m not exactly sure how it works, but through some sort of transference one’s ancestors receive these for use in the afterlife.  Hmm.  I always thought of the afterlife as a place where we wouldn’t need things like this!  But I guess it wouldn’t be bad to have some modern conveniences there.   If it’s just the same to you, when I’m gone and you pick one of these to send to me in the afterlife, how about go to a shop that has red ferraris?  I’m not to keen on the ugly chevies in this shop, okay?   And, I’ll tell you what.  You may as well get me a paper replica of a Frank Lloyd Wright house.  I can skip the red brick!  😉 

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