Two Weeks and What to Do?

Our children have two weeks off from school for Chinese New Year beginning this Friday (Chinese children have a month off).  We are considering going to the southern part of Yunan Province near China’s border with Laos and Myramar (Burma).  This is a tropical land (on the tropic of cancer meridian) of banana, tobacco, rice, and tea plantations, hosting 60% of China’s flora and fauna species, home to many of China’s minority tribes, not quite yet discovered by hoardes of tourists, and actually home to the last of China’s wild elephants.  Here are some links to the web pages that got me interested in this destination:  
 Update Sun nite — David really wants to go to Chang Mai in northern Thailand.  This was a place I mentioned a year ago.  It is a place with many minority people and working elephant camps.  I just found air fare to Bangkok for $156 per person.  The jury is still out . . .

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